Lawrence & Leigh Set to Play NYC Melodica Festival

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Lawrence & Leigh joins local NYC acts and bands from around the world for two days beautiful music. We play the all acoustic Sunday Night, go on at 8:30. Come check out an L&L piano and guitar acoustic set.

May News

Greetings loyal fans and new ones. We know, this is our first newsletter in some time. Did you miss us? Well we’ve missed you, but we’ve also been keeping very busy, playing shows and working on exciting new projects. And we have a lot coming up in May that we want to let you all in on. We’ll try not to be so distant in the future… :)  

First off, to show you a little of what we’ve been up to, here’s a video we recently finished editing of a live performance we had at Fresh Ground Pepper’s The Clash 2.0. The event draws together 10 dance troupes and 10 musical acts, each of whom prepare 10 minutes of material separately. Then names are drawn out of hats, pairing teams at random. It made for quite an interesting night. At times it was uncanny how well things synced up. Our band was drawn last so we got to close out the night with our new song Burn it on Down. Check it out:   

lawrence & leigh - "burn it on down" at fgp's the clash 2.0

We also have a new website, where you can watch our videos, stream and purchase our album, and more. 

As for performances, we’ve got four show’s in NYC coming up in May:

The first one is tonight at 11pm (better late than never right?) at Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg. It’s a wonderfully intimate venue and we’ll be doing a classic L&L acoustic set.

On May 12th we’ve got Fresh Ground Pepper’s Toobie Awards at 80 Greenwich St. in Lower Manhattan, doors at 7pm, show at 8pm. Not only will we be performing during intermission, but our video Glow has been nominated for “Best Original Video.” You can vote for our video to make it to the final four here. Get it in soon as voting ends May 7th. And if you’ve yet to see the video…


Then on Sunday May 13, we’ll be playing a set as part of the Melodica Festival, where 24 different bands and musicians from NYC and around the world will be playing half-hour sets on Saturday and Sunday at theSidewalk Cafe in the East Village. For the Sunday show there’s talk of going totally unplugged, as all the bands have prepared acoustic sets. No amps, no mics, candles for light. We go on at 8:30pm. 

On wednesday May 16th, we’re having a South by Southwest reunion show at Spike Hill in Williamsburg. Last year we toured down to Austin and played a showcase with The Life And Times Of, Joel Streeter, and Greg Smith and the Broken English. We’re all back together again here in Brooklyn. Look out for some cross band collaboration throughout the night. Show starts at 7:30pm sharp! We go on at 10pm.

If you can’t make any of those, we’ve also got a show in the works for May 20th that has yet to be finalized. You can stay tuned to our calendarFacebook, or Twitter for information, updated as it comes.

Take care everyone, we hope to see your beautiful faces out at some of these performances.


Lawrence & Leigh are ready to "CLASH"!

THIS SATURDAY!  Windmill Studios 287 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn NY (L to Bedford) 

8 PM!

Come be witness to art collaboration at it’s finest! 10 dance troops, 10 musicians: who will make instant magic!? Who will make instant awkwardness?! You be the judge!

Just got our bus tickets to Philadelphia for the January Rose House: Gala of The Arts! It’s this Friday, and we’ll be performing an acoustic set and exhibiting our stop-motion video for “Glow.”  If you’re in Philly this weekend, don’t miss this awesome event!!!!


Thanksgiving weekend I was in the Poconos doing a video/photo shoot of a NYC band, Lawrence and Leigh. I’m still working on these photos- the style and texturing isn’t 100% yet but I have a vision and with patience it will come to fruition. Just gotta be patient and keep on plugging. 
The video probably won’t release until Spring but will definitely be a great project! Thanks to Lawrence & Leigh for letting me work with them.


Thanksgiving weekend I was in the Poconos doing a video/photo shoot of a NYC band, Lawrence and Leigh. I’m still working on these photos- the style and texturing isn’t 100% yet but I have a vision and with patience it will come to fruition. Just gotta be patient and keep on plugging. 

The video probably won’t release until Spring but will definitely be a great project! Thanks to Lawrence & Leigh for letting me work with them.

Lawrence & Leigh Announce Electric Show


    If you’ve seen a Lawrence & Leigh show, you know that they tend to stick to an acoustic guitar, tambourine, and on occasion a piano, with heir perfectly laced harmonies soaring over an intimate and hushed setting. But on December 17th, a new side of Lawrence & Leigh will be presented: Electric.

    With the use of loop pedals, keyboards, electric guitars, and a laptop—Lawrence & Leigh will transform their acoustic, two person sound into fully fleshed out, larger than life arrangements that will sure to have you buzzing. Based off of the “epic” sound of their latest release, “Odyssey VOL: III, Hills and Masts”, the duo plan to re-imagine most of the album’s multi layered songs into exciting new forms for a live audience. “We love the idea of bringing the huge sound of our EP to our fans, LIVE, while still keeping it just the two of us. We also wanted to bridge the gap between the sound on our album and our current show, which is all acoustic. We feel that the album really has a ‘Wow’ factor, and we want that to carry over into our live set.”

The duo will be premiering their new electric set at the quaint “Pete’s Candy Store” in Brooklyn, December 17th at 10pm. Along with their new sound, the two piece will also be showcasing a few of their new tracks from the next up coming EP’s  ”Odyssey VOL:I and II.”


Today is the day folks! YES, Lawrence & Leigh’s “Odyssey Vol:III Hills and Masts" is out today! digital copies are now available! BUY FROM US!

album cover

also iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Hard copies are also available by going to and clicking “contact us”.  We’ll send you a personal hard copy with love :)

Live steaming of the album available at , Spinner, Bandcamp , and myspace 

Here’s what people have already been saying about the EP:

 Their latest EP Odyssey Vol. III – Hills and Masts is an emotional roller coaster of strings, fixed piano and dual overlaid vocals.  EP single and my favorite track from the 6-track EP “Chelsea Nights” renders cathedral ceiling echos and virtuoso instrumentals with a heavy suspenseful build up leaking a thick cacophony of sound." - brokenheartboy

Its feels like a quiet reflection, something reminiscent of the ethereal qualities that made favorites great (the Fleet Foxes and Joanna Newsom particularly come to mind)…….. I have a feeling the talent that’s apparent in their first major release will remain.  I’m excited to see what’s coming.” - reviews and the rest

Buy the album! SHARE THE LOVE!


Lawrence & Leigh Newsletter- March 2011

 L & L Newsletter March 2011

Well hello there and Happy March!

We hope the winter has been good to all of you, and that spring will come soon to whatever neck of the woods you’re in. We’ve had a productive winter and would like to fill you in on what we’ve been up to, what’s current, and what you can look forward to.

But First!!


The Deli Magazine has nominated us as Artist of the Month! now we need YOUR help! Please go to and on the right side of the page you will find “the artist of the month poll”. Click “vote” and click “Lawrence & Leigh”. AND THAT’S IT!! tell everyone you know!!!!!!!!!! NOW!

What we’ve been up to

  • We went to China! Yes, it was nutty. Yes, it was cold. And yes, it was awesome! We were there for just a week, splitting the time between Shanghi and Beijing. We toured a little out side of the main cities- visiting Suizhou and Zhou Zhuang, “small” towns of only 5 million people each- yikes! We climbed the Great Wall, walked around in the Forbidden City, ate Peking Duck, and rode the Maglev train. We also learned how to bargain shop with the best of them, survived numerous taxi rides, and discovered the “hot pot” dining experience. It was a great trip and we hope to return.
  • We Moved: We said good-bye to our lovely apt. in Bed-stuy and moved across the tracks to Bushwick. We moved all of our furniture by ourselves- and I think it’s safe to say that it was that hardest and most physically exhausting thing we’ve ever done. We’re still settling in, but loving our new place and roomies. The name of our new place: The Bear Lair!!
  • World Premiere Musical: Most recently, Kristin was offered the leading women’s role in a new World Premiere Indie Musical called, “Fly By Night”. She workshopped the role last summer and will be returning this summer to Theatreworks in Palo Alto, CA for the fully developed production.

What’s Current


  • March 7th EP Release: March 7th is the official release of our EP              “ Odyessey Vol: III Hills and Masts”. This means that you can find the album on iTunes or buy it directly from us on our website We will be offering up digital and hard copies for a donation of your choice, as well as L & L Tees’ for $25 (website only).
  • SXSW:  We’ve been getting ready for our big tour down (and back) to SXSW. We have a whole new live show that we’ve been preparing, and we can’t wait to show you. Our festival slot is Thursday, March 17th at Revolution Bar. Look below for our touring dates to see if we’re coming to your town. (

April EP Release Party/welcome home show!  April 13th is our first show back in Brooklyn after our Three weeks of touring. We’ll be taking over Spike Hill (  from 8-11pm, Wednesday April 13th. With appearances by Will Stratton ( and Free Advice ( . So come on over and join us, it’s going to be an awesome night!

L & L internet buzz: We’ve are happy to say that we’ve been getting some buzz on some cool sites; Hype Machine, Indie Torrance, Magnet Magazine, and numerous blogs! said:

"Their bio lists their genre as Folk/Experimental/Indie Rock and explains they are “ some kind of wondrous blend of Dirty Projectors and the haunting richness of Fleet Foxes.” Truth be told, a number of fantastic comparisons are warranted. What is difficult to classify, and articulate for that matter, is their ability to create such a powerful presence for a two-piece.”  sweet.

What’s To Come:

  • New Website: We’re getting a whole new, fully fleshed out website! It’s going to look mega chill because it’s being designed by the awesome Nate Maggio. It will be the best way to get all the L & L info you need like, performance Calendar, music, updates, the latest video’s, and more!
  • New Music Video: Speaking of the latest video’s, we’ve been working on editing our Stop motion animation video for the song, “Glow”. We worked on it all summer and are so excited to finally put it together to share. Stay tuned for a video exclusive!

Lawrence & Leigh SXSW tour dates:

March 8th: Charlottesville, VA @The Garage

March 9th: Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave

March 10th: Charlotte, NC @ Whiskey River

March 11th: Asheville, NC @ Firestorm Cafe

March 12th: Nashville, TN@ Richard’s Louisiana Cafe


March 17th: Austin, TX- SXSW@ Revolution Bar


March 23rd: St. Louis, MO @ Crack Fox

March 24th: Milwaukee, WI @Bad Genie Lounge

March 25th: Chicago, IL @ Cal’s Bar

March 27th: Pittsburgh, PA @ Shadow Lounge

Well, that’s the end of our March updates. Thank you for supporting us and listening to our music. you mean the world!


Andrew and Kristin

us at one of our many live shows this month.

us at one of our many live shows this month.